Tornado Safety Tips

How to Plan for Home Emergencies

Basic Tornado Safety Tips

Tornadoes are one of the most frequently occurring natural disasters in the world. Research indicates that in the United States alone, over 1000 tornadoes touch down yearly. Though the chances of a tornado actually occurring where you live are quite slim, it is a good idea to frequently review tornado safety tips and precautions.

One of the best tornado safety tips one should keep in mind is to stay alert during the tornado season. Most people who live in tornado prone areas should rely on national warnings such as tornado sirens. However, some of the warnings may be delayed and when they do reach the citizens, it may be too late for them to act.

Many people who are familiar with tornadoes advise that one has to watch out for the onset of severe weather. Such weather conditions may include an abrupt change in sky color; usually the color changes to greenish black. Falling hail is another clue that a tornado is possibly in the vicinity. Other signs include clouds which rotate or circle in the sky following an eerie quiet after a thunderstorm. Often an approaching tornado is likened to the roar one would normally hear from a train.

As a family, it is good to have a plan in the event of a tornado landing so quickly evacuation means are not available. In such situations, it is best to take shelter in storm shelters that have been specifically designed to withstand the full force of tornadoes. In fact, many state and local governments often advise citizens who live in tornado prone areas to build basement storm shelters which will provide adequate protection should a tornado land. If you do not have a shelter one of the best things to do is get in a bathtub and put a mattress over you. Usually in tornado prone areas there are various state provided storm shelters that can house large numbers of people.

Also among the most important tornado safety tips is to see your family has a well stocked emergency kit. The size depends on the number of family members in the home. A well stocked emergency kit should have plenty of medical supplies including a first aid kit, a battery powered radio for communication purposes as well about a week’s worth of food and water rations. Other essentials such as a flashlight and batteries are also a good idea since most power lines well be down.

In an emergency tornado plan, there is always the evacuation option. When evacuating, there is the small chance that one of your family members may be separated from the rest. This is more common in evacuation procedures that involve large numbers of people. To prevent getting lost from each other for longer than is necessary, all family members should have the contact details of an out-of-city contact. This way all separated members can reunite at the contact’s place of residence.

The tornado safety tips outlined here are just the essentials to ensure that one is adequately prepared in case a tornado lands. There are plenty of other tips that can be found on a number of emergency websites. However, the greatest tornado safety tip of all is to stay alert, calm and cautious to what is happening around you.