Hurricane Safety Tips

How to Plan for Home Emergencies

A Few Hurricane Safety Tips

The past five years has seen some if not all of the worst possible disasters to befall mankind. In terms of the magnitude of the disaster they cause, hurricanes come in second after earthquakes. Hurricanes lay waste to large areas of land on a global scale and the aftereffects of the disaster are felt far and wide. However, through simple hurricane safety tips one can avoid lose of life during hurricanes and minimize the damage that hurricanes reek in their lives.

When we talk about hurricane safety tips, we are basically talking about home disaster plans. The best way to safely avoid a hurricane is to adequately plan for the likely event of a hurricane occurring. When laying out this plan, ensure you have the attention of all those affected. Pay close attention to strategic safe locations in your community as designated by State inspectors. While most may believe that their home is sturdy enough, few are able to withstand the devastating effects of a hurricane. So do not fool yourself.

Plan an evacuation strategy for yourself and your family or close friends. Ensure that you all have a contact, possibly out of state who will be the focal point in case of any separation during the evacuation. Moreover, the evacuation path should be short in terms of tens of miles. A long evacuation path may see one more likely to be caught up in the hurricane than avoiding it.

When it comes to your home, take proper care to secure it so as to ensure it suffers minimum damage. Board up all the windows securely whenever you hear the hurricane warning and lock all the doors securely. As with most hurricanes, the after effects tend to be flooding. Most insurance companies do not cover flood damage so one may have to securely protect your property from flooding. Once again, this can be minimized through properly boarding up your property. Also ensure that all valuable equipment is stored or transferred immediately to what would be the safest storage location in the house. The preferred location has to be as resistant to flooding as possible. This hurricane safety tip can save you many dollars in lost appliances and equipment.

Another hurricane safety tip is to look out for possible hurricane warning signs. Follow the news and watch out for hurricane alerts as they tend to be forecast well before the hurricane actually lands. When the alerts are out and you hear the sirens, do not hesitate. Execute the plan outlined above and head for the nearest location. Most people tend to ignore this rule and only act when they are in the eye of the storm. This can prove to be fatal as the hurricane is only moments from landing. Time is precious when executing these hurricane safety tips so one cannot afford to waste it.

Hurricanes have devastating effects. In addition to the death they cause, they lay waste to large areas of land and almost always result in rendering many people homeless due to flooding. However, the damage caused by hurricanes can easily be lessened by following the hurricane safety tips outlined in this article.

This article gave you some general information, but if you are in a hurricane areas you may want to check with local authorities on a more extensive list.