Hurricane Preparation

How to Plan for Home Emergencies

Hurricane preparation - What you need to do

One needs to prepare adequately in order to better their chances of surviving a hurricane. Hurricane preparation only takes a little time to accomplish but can save lives and property.

Before the hurricane happens, you will need to have boarded the windows and strapped the roof. You need to also prepare for an evacuation if the hurricane is coming your way.

It is important that you pack the essential materials safely in your car or an evacuation house or shelter. Be certain that you pack enough water and food just in case you are unable to evacuate from the place while it is still safe to do so.

The next part of your hurricane preparation plan should be to plan the evacuation routes. It is also important that you have the right emergency phone numbers. Be sure you have a road map of exactly what the correct route is.

Before you evacuate, you need to pay consideration to certain factors. Such factors can include the following.

Listening to the weather broadcasts and whether the authorities in the area have directed for an evacuation.
If you live near a coastline, a river, a lake, a floodplain or near an inland waterway, you should not hesitate to evacuate.
If you live in a high rise building, it is also important that you evacuate.
If you feel that you are in great danger let your feelings be your guide. You should move as far away from the costal area as possible.

While doing your hurricane preparation, it is important to have certain essential items. These items can include:

Water - You will need to have at least one gallon of water per person per day. This water should essentially last for at least three days. The water will be used for both sanitation and drinking.
Food - You will need at least a three day supply of food. The food should be non-perishable and nutritious.
You will need a battery powered or self powered radio so as to follow the news headlines and the weather updates.
A whistle which you can use to call for help.
Most towelettes for personal hygiene.
You should also evacuate important documents such as bank account documents and insurance policy documents.
You will need to carry cash and travelers cheques.

If you should get caught in the hurricane because of poor hurricane preparation, they should observe the points below:

You should stay away from the glass doors and windows.
It is important that you keep the curtains and the blinds closed.
You should stay in a small interior room. You can also stay in a hallway on the lowest level.
If you are in area that is susceptible to flooding, you should not seek refuge in an area that is below the ground level. Such areas include the basement and the storm cellers.

After the storm has passed it is important to listen to radio or TV for any vital information. Only use 911 in case of a true emergency as they will be flood with calls from people who are in danger or injured.