Home Emergency Lights

How to Plan for Home Emergencies

Home Emergency Lights - A great asset in a crisis situation

Truth be told, many of us are afraid of the dark. Since we never know when a power outage may strike our area, it is important to always be prepared with a home emergency kit. A key item in a home emergency kit is home emergency lights.

An emergency light can be defined as a light set to run on a back-up battery. This means that it will provide a source of light in a home or building in the event of electricity failure. Normally the lighting system in any building is connected to the main electricity source of the building. Disasters such as earthquakes, thunderstorms and fires can cause the lights to go out. This is when emergency lights come in handy.

The original emergency lights used large lead acid batteries and were often very heavy and expensive. Also they used incandescent bulbs which only provided people with enough lighting to continue basic activities or find their way to an exit. However new innovations have now come up targeting home users.

Types of home emergency lights.

The most basic of home emergency lights is the good old flashlight powered by generic non-rechargeable batteries and they range in size from pocket sized ones powered by triple A batteries to huge ones powered by 6 D cell batteries. There are also crank flashlights that are powered by muscle power as they have a manually powered crank to provide the energy to power them. Their performance is comparable to the battery powered flashlight and in addition they save you some cash.

Some home emergency lights are powered by rechargeable batteries. They are also known as LED lights and can be in the form of a flashlight or lantern. Generally they produce light that is much brighter than normal bulbs as they are fitted with halogen bulbs or lots of light-emitting diodes. At the same time they use less energy than the typical bulb. Some are automatic and will go on as soon as the main electricity line fails.

Home emergency lights can also be provided by a generator. A standby generator is able to automatically come on as soon as power goes out. Generators come in different sizes and capacities and determining the right one for you will be determined by your power requirements during an emergency.

A new product in the market is the solar power LED light. They make good home emergency lights as they are brighter and last longer than the battery charged ones. In addition they can be charged directly from the sun’s rays.

When it comes to the protection, safety and security of your home, home emergency lights are very essential and no family should be without one form or another. Factors that are mainly considered in choosing the form of home emergency lighting to purchase are the family power needs and budget. Most emergency home lighting appliances can easily be obtained from hardware stores or be purchased online. Just remember to keep them in a safe convenient place that is easy to reach even in darkness.