Home Emergency Generators

How to Plan for Home Emergencies

HOME EMERGENCY GENERATORS - They could be a lifesaver

When the local power goes out if you have a home generator, it will automatically turn on. There is a transfer switch attached to the electrical panel of the home that monitors the electricity. When the power goes out, this switch tells the emergency generator to get into action. Home emergency generators are essential in a home that is located in an area where the power goes out often.

Many home emergency generators don’t have this alarm system and when the power goes out, the home owner has to manually turn on the generator. This equipment provides back up power to the home until the local power resumes. The generator should then automatically shut down unless it is manually operated, in which case the owner must turn it off.

There are several points to remember when buying a home emergency generator:

A mandatory item would be a low oil shutdown, meaning if the oil is running low the generator will automatically shutdown. This is a safety element; it should not be considered an option but an essential.
Electric start is the best way to go, no rope pulling.
Idle control saves fuel and reduces noise. It automatically throttles down the engine when there is no power being pulled from the alternator.
A large fuel tank - if you use your generator frequently due to loss of power, a larger fuel tank is necessary. For about ten hours of power, you will need five gallons of fuel.
Cast iron sleeve is what you need if you expect to use the generator frequently or for long periods at a time. This option is crucial, so it shouldn’t be considered an option but an essential. This sleeve is concealed in the cylinder and will reduce the wear on your engine. For generators used often this is important.
Full power switch allows you to turn off the 240 volt output in order to get more 120 volt power. This will also be useful for electric motors on air compressors and water pumps.
Ball bearing or needle bearing for home emergency generators is an issue of quality. The ball bearing is the better quality generator.
All metal alternators are a must, alternators with plastic housing will not last. The plastic will warp and cause parts to come loose within the alternator.

If you live a remote location, or are in an area were the power frequently goes out, then a home emergency generator is a must. It will allow you to continue your normal routine without interruption. It will keep your house bright and give you heat if necessary.

It is not recommended that you buy home emergency generators from internet locations. However, if you choose to do so, when it arrives inspect it thoroughly prior to inserting oil or fuel. Once you do this you can’t return it. In the majority of cases buying this type of equipment online does not guarantee you service or follow up. For something this important it is better to visit your local hardware store and talk with the experts who will lead you in the right direction, and most certainly guarantee their product.