Home Disaster Plan

How to Plan for Home Emergencies

Do You Have An Effective Home Disaster Plan

The past decade has seen the onset of some of the worst natural disasters in the history of mankind, from hurricanes to tornadoes to earthquakes. Man made disasters have also played their part with nuclear disaster such as the unprecedented melt down of nuclear reactors as is the case in Japan. While most disasters may be unavoidable such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes, they can at least be prepared for to lessen the chances of damage and even death. One should now ask themselves what precautions they have considered in order to avoid these disasters, especially if one has a family that they are taking care of.

Having a proper home disaster plan could very well decide whether or not your family survives such disasters. The first step to developing a great disaster plan is to discuss it with those involved; your family members. Discuss the particular disasters that may affect your family. This will of course be based on past disasters that have affected your particular location. Such information may be found in your local library, metrological station or the internet. Ensure that your family members know the likelihood of such disasters and familiarize them with the national emergency guidelines outlined by your State.

Next, locate the safest area of your house. This should be based solely on the structure of the house and not on one’s own opinion. If not sure, have a building inspector visit and inform you whether your home has any safe rooms that one might use in case of disasters. In some cases, the home may not be the best safe are a in your community. Ensure you familiarize your self with the closest safe location where you and your family may take shelter in the event of such disasters.

Not all homes are sturdy enough to survive some disasters. For this reason, when developing your home disaster plan it is crucial that you ensure that all your family members have an out of state family contact, be it a relative or a friend. Ensure that your family members all refer to this contact in case of any separation during such disasters as this will now be the reunion point. Moreover, when evacuating your home, ensure that your nearest safe location is in terms of tens of miles rather than hundreds of miles so as to avoid being without any form of shelter for long.

For any home disaster plan to succeed, one has to have an emergency supply kit stocked up with non-perishable products. In the event of a disaster such as flooding or earthquakes where one is trapped, a supply kit will help one outlast the disaster. Moreover, one never knows how long any particular disaster will last so a well stocked disaster kit will be the deciding factor between life or death for you and your family.

Lastly, ensure that your home is covered for various disasters including flooding. Some insurance companies do not cover flood damage. Disaster may lay waste to your home but a successful home disaster plan that sees your home covered for these disasters ensures that you still have a home to return to.