Family Emergency Plan

How to Plan for Home Emergencies


Most people don’t like to think of things like this. A lot conclude that nothing drastic will ever happen to them. Do not underestimate Mother Nature. Most disasters evolve from nature’s vengeance for our destruction of the earth. A family emergency plan is very necessary for protection against such disasters.

Practices for the elderly and very young should involve knowledge of escape routes that hold the least amount of obstacles possible. This of course should be true for everyone, but sometimes the easy way out has to be relinquished to those more vulnerable.

Planning for emergency’s does not always include world or weather disasters, but rather family’s have their own share of disasters. Again, many think ‘oh that won’t happen to me’, and two weeks later that person has a heart attack. Herein, a family emergency arises.

Even though on a much smaller scale, a family emergency entails almost as much planning as if it were a natural disaster. A family emergency plan should include anything and everything that could happen to any member of the family at any time and enable everyone to deal with whatever consequences might arise.

It is essential that the head of the family make a Will. It might be another frightening thought, but having such a document removes a lot of stress from thoughts about what could happen without it. For instance, family members need to be assured they will be taken care of in case of an emergency, especially if there is a death within that family. If there are other family emergencies, such as losing a home, losing a job, this can be quite alarming if you are the breadwinner. It is possible to have an alternative for a family emergency plan. Plan B is always a good source of backup.

If your family includes children, your plan should adamantly state where and with whom you wish your children to be raised. No matter that Grandmother is readily available to take on the task, if the state or government decide these children should be put into foster care, then so be it. If grandparents want to get custody they have to fight for it. This sounds completely unfair and ridiculous, but unfortunately, this is the law. So you see why planning for family emergencies is very important.

With the other emergency situations involving all members of the family, provisions should be made and readily available if alternative accommodation is needed. Access to bank accounts should be essential and the family vehicle in good repair. If the need to travel several hundred miles is no option, you need assurance that you and your family will arrive safely. You may already have food supplies and water sufficient for your family already stored in preparation for any type of disaster. In a community that experiences staggering amounts of bad weather conditions, many times people will band together and prepare as a community, each combining their family emergency plan with the other, waiting for the expected oncoming disasters ready to face them as a whole.