Emergency Preparation

How to Plan for Home Emergencies

Three Aspects of Any Emergency Preparation Plan

It is surprising how many individuals and families are unprepared for emergencies. Emergencies can occur at any moment in time. More often than not, they occur without any prior warning and the effect is often catastrophic especially if the emergency is a natural disaster such as an earthquake or a hurricane. However, the effects of such emergencies can be highly mitigated if one adopts an adequate emergency preparation plan.

Emergency preparation refers to a means through which an individual or a group of individuals adopt so as to ensure that they are ready for any and all emergencies. In most cases, one will have to have an emergency preparation plan that caters for natural disasters. However, it is advisable that such a plan caters for all sorts of emergencies. As such there are three aspects of any emergency preparation plan: acquiring a kit, outlining the plan and staying informed.

Emergency preparation dictates that one has the proper emergency supplies so as to survive during emergency. Often during an emergency, one may have to survive on their own for quite some time. The duration cannot be predicted and thus, it is best if one plans for the worst possible scenario. Acquiring a kit is one of the most crucial steps that one can do when preparing for an emergency. The basic contents of any emergency kit includes a week’s supply of water and food rations, medical supplies such as bandages, gauze and antiseptic, as well as other essentials such as portable radios, battery operated flashlights, spare batteries, etc.

One thing that one may have to consider when acquiring the emergency kit is the number of people it would have to cater to especially in terms of food and water rations. Each person will require at least two liters of water each day to stay hydrated. Thus, one has to take the number of people to be served by the emergency kit into consideration when purchasing the kit.

The second step of emergency preparation is outlining the procedure to be followed should an emergency ever occur. In this step, one needs to delegate a relative or friend who lives out-of-state that will serve as the meeting point should the group ever be separated during the emergency. Moreover, the plan should have proper guidelines as to where to evacuate to in case of the emergency.

Finally, the success of any emergency preparation plan largely lies on its ability to predict when the emergency might occur. Though it is rather difficult to get a head start on an emergency, early emergency detection systems for natural disasters help give one the precious little time needed to evacuate. As such, one should always ensure that they remain informed as to the changes in weather. Watching the local television and radio stations ensures that one never miss such important updates.

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