Emergency Plan for Home

How to Plan for Home Emergencies

Your Emergency Plan for Home

Emergencies can occur at any time and cause great destruction. It is therefore a good idea to prepare for any emergencies. Emergency preparedness will go a long way in mitigating the negative effects of a disaster. Another important benefit of being prepared is the reduction of fear and anxiety that a potential threat can pose. Having a plan concerning what to do and what action to take in a disaster has a calming effect.

It is vital when preparing for a disaster to have an emergency plan for home. Every household should have an emergency plan and it should be practiced occasionally. This plan should be drawn up in consultation with all family members as they all have to be involved in the disaster preparedness.

The emergency plan for home will details actions to be taken by family members should a disaster occur. An important detail in the plan is action to be taken by each member should a disaster warning be issued when they are not in the house at the time. In such a circumstance, the plan should set out clearly what the family members who are not within the house at the time of the disaster warning should do. An idea is to have a relative’s house as a possible shelter after the disaster. The location should be in a different neighborhood or even out of town if possible. The emergency plan for home should not only list the place to reunite all family members but it should also name the person who should pick up the children from say school and bring them back home.

Your emergency plan for home will depend on the potential threats in your location. The plan should take this into consideration that emergency plans for threats like hurricanes will be different from emergency plans for flooding. It is essential to find out from your nearest disaster management office concerning all the potential threats to your particular area. Knowing the threats will also be able to determine your possible actions during an emergency. You can either plan to stay indoors during the emergency or evacuate.

An emergency plan for home should detail the escape routes in the house. You should make a drawing of the house floor plan and mark all the escape routes. Children should be shown all the possible escape routes. The children should also be shown how to make emergency phone calls by themselves. They should also be taught how to use the short messaging service (SMS) just in case phone calls do not get through.

The internet is a very useful resource in planning for emergencies. You can find plenty of information on emergency preparedness. You can also find a sample emergency plan for home which will be of great help in making your own emergency plan.