Emergency Necklace

How to Plan for Home Emergencies

Emergency Necklace: A Life Saver

Caring for the elderly can be a very stressful situation because we don't feel it is safe to leave them alone but can't stay with them all the time. Thus we opt for them to stay in a nursing home. According to a survey, over 90% of seniors claimed that it is extremely important for them to stay at home for as long as they can.

The physical capacity of an older person is a lot different from that of the young adults, their bones are more brittle, and their eyesight poor, and even some seniors are affected with arthritis in their joints. These disabilities keep them in constant danger of harm and of injuries. That is why technology has provided alternative solutions for the old to stay at home and be safe at the same time. One of these devices is called an emergency necklace.

With the aid of this necklace, the risks associated with living alone is reduced greatly, with just a push of a button. It indeed gives peace of mind knowing that you will be in contact with an emergency professional to assess the varying urgent situations anytime that something untoward happens.

An emergency necklace have a two-way speaker system, just one push and the emergency response team will contact you to know what type of help is needed. In instances when the user cannot speak, the closest paramedics are dispatched to see the patient personally. It also has a light indicator, which will keep the user monitored, to locate them easily. It is designed to withstand physical demands, and it’s waterproof so that when it is soaked accidentally it can still work perfectly.

There are specific individuals pre-selected to respond when an emergency arises. It could be any of your family, friends, health providers, and neighbors. These individuals are chosen by whom the elderly have more than just plain acquaintance. A thorough assessment and history taking is performed to know the usual habits and practices of the patient. Moreover, paramedics are alerted to the medications, allergies, location of the patient, and key lock combinations to help the patient in the best way possible.

The existence of an emergency necklace became the easiest and cheapest way of keeping loved ones safe. Accidents are inevitable when living alone, and although this device doesn't prevent them from happening, it can at the very least minimize complications of more serious situations and give everyone more piece of mind.

It is a common fact that the elderly are the most wary of all patients due to the changes that are occurring in their life. Explaining to them the need for the necklace can be very difficult despite its obvious benefits. No worries though, since almost always they will prefer having this than to moving out of the house.

Many companies offer this alert system, each having its own method of responding to emergency events. This equipment is not that costly, installation is easy, and most importantly, it can serve all individuals. The ultimate goal of this emergency necklace is to help the senior citizens live safely on their own in the comfort of their homes for the remainder of their lives.