Earthquake Emergency Supplies

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Stocking Up On Earthquake Emergency Supplies

Natural disasters are some of the most unpredictable events that can ever happen. In fact, it is quite difficult to prepare on the spot for any number of natural disasters. For instance, the disastrous earthquake that struck the Japanese coastline just recently and crippled numerous communication lines as well as causing many other problems is just partial evidence of how unprepared a whole country can be for a natural disaster such as an earthquake. While we cannot accurately time an earthquake, preparing for such an event can still save your life as well as ensuring that you survive the after-effects of such a disaster.

When preparing for a natural disaster such as an earthquake, it is essential that one has the right earthquake emergency supplies. Basic items that should be included within earthquake emergency supplies include food and water rations.

When planning how much food and water to stock within the supplies, it is important to consider how many people the provided earthquake emergency supplies are expected to provide for. For instance, when planning water rations, it is worthwhile to keep in mind that the average human being takes about two liters of water every day. Thus, the water ration should be about two liters of water for every person for the expected number of days that you think such a disaster may last for.

In terms of food rations, it is essential that you only stock non-perishable supplies within your earthquake emergency supplies. Moreover, be sure to check the expiry date on each of the food rations and be sure to change them when the product has passed the due date.

Other essentials that may be included as part of earthquake emergency supplies include a flashlight as well as some spare batteries, a medical kit, complete with a small bottle of anti-septic as well as some bandages. It may also be worth considering packing a small battery-operated radio as most communication networks tend to be disrupted in the wake of an earthquake.

Any medical kits should be purchased from emergency supply companies as these tend to be certified in providing such kits. Moreover, when making preparations for earthquake emergency supplies, it is always useful to have a checklist at hand. The checklist is quite useful in listing everything that you will need and helps in ensuring that you do not forget any of the most important essential items when stocking on earthquake emergency supplies.

Lastly, a number of people tend to economize when stocking on earthquake emergency supplies. While sticking to a set budget is always a wise decision, this should not be taken to mean that one should buy cheap, inferior supplies. Instead, one should always go for the best quality available at their particular price range.