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Planning Disaster Survival Supplies

In every state, every country, all governments emphasize the need for a reliable disaster management plan so as to ensure that everyone is prepared. This is especially important for countries or states that suffer from regular natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. For any disaster plan to be fully effective, one needs to adequately plan and stock the necessary disaster survival supplies.

In the event of a disaster, one will require to have adequate disaster survival supplies as most find that they have to survive on their own without any additional aid. Most disaster experts recommend that the disaster survival supplies be adequate enough to last at least three days. In any disaster survival kit, one will need the following basic disaster survival supplies, water, food, a first aid kit, as well as accessories.

There are also additional items that one may want to stock with the various disaster survival supplies. This may include prescription medication, as well as prescription glasses, pet food if one has pets, as well as important family documents such as identification and insurance policy documents. A fire extinguisher and change of clothes, as well as a couple of blankets are some of the luxury items that one may consider as part of their supplies. It should be noted that these are only optional and not a necessary part of disaster survival supplies.

When planning for disasters, it is critical that one plans for the right amount of people that the disaster survival supplies will be expected to cater to. For instance when planning for water, it is worth noting that the average person takes in about two liters of water on a regular day with moderate exercise. Thus, if planning for a family of four people, one will have to correctly estimate the amount of water that will cater for all family members within a reasonable amount of time i.e. at least three days.

There are a number of other things that one will have to remember when stocking the various disaster survival supplies. For instance, when stocking food supplies, one should stock only non-perishable food supplies as these will last much longer than perishables. Moreover, the first aid kit should be adequately equipped with enough medical supplies to aid in providing essential medical care to any injured persons during the disaster.

Planning disaster survival supplies is a very cost-effective process if done properly. If one starts to stock their supplies early, one can easily identify which items are absolutely necessary and which are not. Thus, one is able to properly save on costs incurred in purchasing the supplies. Moreover, this method helps one note which supplies are missing and plan days whereby they can purchase them.

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